Verge’s Guiding Principles

Recognizing the historic national framework of systemic discrimination that to this day has been part of daily life in our culture, organizations, and communities, Verge is committed to becoming a more open and welcoming organization. Historic and systemic discrimination have created barriers to inclusion, participation, and opportunity that have excluded the embracing of different ethnicities, skin colors, gender identities and body types, religious beliefs, physical or cognitive challenges, or socio-economic standing. To be part of the necessary movement to achieve meaningful, authentic, and effective changes to this culture, Verge recognizes that only a complete and comprehensive mindset by everyone associated with this organization will achieve the results and hope for broader diversity and social justice.
On the advisement of the Equity Committee, the Board of Directors of Verge Center for the Arts adopted and implemented the following Guiding Principles: Verge Center for the Arts believes art is an essential part of our culture and commits to encourage, support, promote and preserve art through programming that is accessible and inclusive to all communities. We believe art can recognize and celebrate the differences among humankind. Art can help all of us develop and improve in our everyday lives and interactions. As an arts institution Verge must at all times:
  1. CELEBRATE our unique characteristics through the arts by embracing the differences and similarities of all peoples and all communities within the Greater Sacramento Region.
  2. ESTABLISH programming which is open, accessible, and appealing to all peoples and communities.
  3. FOSTER, SUPPORT and PROMOTE the expansion of a vibrant arts scene; this is imperative to the diversity and sustainability of any thriving community.
  4. ADHERE to the concepts of a governance structure reflective of the community we serve; set a living wage for its staff; establish fair value for artist’s work; and render reasonable assistance for those in need by allowing them full access to the Arts.
We further recognize that in order to achieve these goals, we must listen and respond to the needs of our community. Those with observations, requests, or advice for our team are encouraged to submit feedback.
LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We acknowledge that Verge is on the traditional land of the Nisenan people, and the current state of California is the homeland of many tribes. We are honored to be here today and acknowledge our responsibility to these Native Nations and our commitment to work with them as we move forward as an inclusive organization.