upcoming classes

Stone Lithography

September 6 & 13

This two-day course will show you how to create a drawing onto a litho stone and print it! Howard Levine will cover the history, chemistry, and technical process to printing with stones.

The Art of Wheel Thrown Pottery


This 4 week course will highlight traditional ceramic vessels with artistic flair. Students will learn how to center and form traditional pottery shapes like bowls, mugs, and vases.

Intro to Screen Printing


In this two-day workshop we will go through the basics of emulsion screen printing, from printing positives, to exposing screens, and finally pulling a small edition of your own custom prints.

The Art of the Postcard

October 7 & 8

Come learn how to transform a variety of recycled materials into new sheets of handmade paper!

How’d You Get That Awesome Residency?

October 11

This class takes a deep dive into the world of artist residencies, learning how to find, apply to, fund and make the most of the vast array of residencies out there.

Drawing into the Print with Drypoint

October 21 & 22

Learn the basics of this simple non-toxic printmaking technique developed in the 15th century. It is the most direct of all intaglio techniques and only requires scratching your image into a metal or plastic plate with a sharp needle.