handing holding a yellow egg being dyed with wax

Pysanka: Ukrainian Egg Dyeing

instructor: Ianna Nova Frisby

category: Crafts

for: Teens & Adults

price: $50 Verge Members, $55 Non-members


This class is set up for people with different skills levels. From beginners who have little or no experience to experienced artists who are interested in creating their own beautiful egg designs inspired by the Ukrainian egg dyeing tradition of Pysanka. Students will learn how to decorate eggs using traditional tools, waxes and dyes, with tips on trouble shooting, storage and display of finished works of art. The finished product can be used as tree ornaments, gift-giving or displayed in the home.

About the Instructor:

Ianna Nova Frisby is a Sacramento art instructor and artist with over 30 years of experience exploring popular and personal themes using ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, found and altered pieces.

She is a founding artist and active member at the Verge Center for the Arts. She earned a BFA in studio art from Humboldt State University and an MFA in ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Website: www.iannanovafrisby.com

Instagram: iannanova@instagram.com

WHEN: December 9, 2022

WHERE: Verge Classroom

TIME: 1-5pm

AGES: Teens & Adults

PRICE:  $50 Verge Members, $55 Non-members