Gioia Fonda

Gioia Fonda (Artist) is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in two-dimensional media (painting, drawing, sewing and photography) with occasional forays in sculpture, performance, new media and public art. The intentions and motivations behind her work are as wide as her use of media, ranging from working in a colorful non-objective manner to directly addressing the fallout of the Great Recession. Recent projects include GIVE A FORK, a social practice project culminating with a public sculpture made from over 4,000 fork collected going door-to-door and co-creating the Art Advice booth, a nomadic community resource to help, guide and inform anyone who might have questions about art. Gioia is also the founder of Pink Week, an ongoing conceptual art piece in the form of an annual holiday that aims to temporarily liberate the color pink from all meaning once a year. In addition to being a resident member of Verge Center for the Arts, she is a dedicated member of the Sacramento art community contributing as artist, occasional curator, jurist and collaborator. She has a bi-coastal art education having received her BFA at California College of the Arts, Oakland (1996) and her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York (1999). She happily serves as a full-time tenured professor of two-dimensional studies in the Fine Arts Department at Sacramento City College.