Gray DePol

We believe in the power of sharing people’s stories, and that by humanizing experiences, we can begin breaking down the barriers to connection, compassion, curiosity and kindness. For the first time in this country, we are seeing transgender and gender variant individuals emerge on an enormous scale. Although a few transgender individuals have received attention in recent mainstream media, accurate and diverse representations of transgender people remain largely absent from culture and media today, and the few that do exist are often one-dimensional. T​ ransgender people have histories that need to be recorded and stories that deserve to be told​, and through the sharing of these stories we hope to support and grow a stronger foundation of community and sense of belonging.

Community empowers and aids people to live their truth more freely and safely throughout the world. The lack of connection and access to community for transgender people is isolating, dangerous, and is correlated with some of the highest rates of suicide (41%) and sexual abuse and assault (66%).

Video Documentary is a powerful narrative tool that has the ability to tell meaningful stories, elicit empathy, and promote social change. We believe that telling people’s personal stories and connecting communities can enrich, and perhaps in some cases, even save lives.




Mapping the Margins Project
Director 05/2016 - Present
Mapping the Margins: Transgender and Gender-variant Portraits Across America offers people a powerfully intimate and sensitive look into the lives of 27 transgender people living throughout the United States today. From Seattle, Washington to rural Muncie, Indiana, Mapping the Margins explores powerful narratives that create a roadmap for liberation and enlightenment through beautifully intimate documentary storytelling. Each episode features the compelling stories of transgender and gender-variant people whose life experiences span the complex intersections of gender, identity, age, ability, race, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic class, culture and geographic location.

Artist, Gina Bonati, Oakland, CA
Design Consultant, Set Builder & Videographer 04/2017 - 05/2017

NOISEDANCE/Mom, He's Hurting Me Now by Gina Bonati
Mills College Theater Department, Oakland, CA
Set Designer, Carpenter, and Scenic Artist Builder 01/2016 - 05/2016
- Designed and built the original set for the world premier of Transcripts at Mills College.
- Beginning from design conception, translating into technical drawings, selection of materials, tools and techniques within bedgetary limits, brought ideas to life.
- Developed skills including but not limited to: planning and execution of projects on time and within budget, leading and/or mentoring crew members, communication and networking.
- Constructed various sets, set pieces, and other necessary materials, including 12' diameter circular platform stage set at rake.
- Oversaw daily shop productions and cooperated with various department heads
- Trained assistants in the safe and effective use of theater shop tools
- Operated closely with the performers to ensure the set met their needs
- Various construction skills displayed (i.e. table saw, lathe, router, upholstery, painting, furniture fabrication, finishing, etc.)

Mills College Theater Department, Oakland, CA
Master Carpenter & Scenic Artist 04/2017 - 05/2017
- Executed build according to design plans provided to me by the Designer for Precious Little
- Erected new sets and scenic items and altered existing sets, as required.
- Assembled and installed set including three walls comprised of the twelve flats painted scenery
- Carried and set up artificial wall sections, background scenes and props.
- Followed established safety standards and practices, at jobsite, as applicable.
- Quickly became a trusted assistant known for "can-do" attitude, flexibility and high-quality work
- Collaborated with fellow technicians in the maintenance of theater facilities
- Assisted lighting designer in focusing lights during tech

American Steel, Oakland, CA
Welder 09/2016 - 11/2016
- Worked as a welder on a variety of different projects and sculptures at American Steel studios, including a large-scale public art sculpture for the city of Austin, TX.

Artist, Sophia Klein, Oakland, CA
Set Designer 08/2014 - Present
- Designed and constructed sets for Whiptails, 2016; Ocean, 2016; Coil, 2015, and many others.

Heather Stockton, Oakland, CA
Set Designer and Builder 01/2015 - 05/2015
- Constructed 3 semi-transparent stage platforms with internal lighting
- Designed according to necessary weight and safety standards for dancers
- Trained dancers in the safe and effective use of prop use and handling
- Participated in the set-up and running of rehearsals
- Worked in a demanding and fast paced environment and managed to be successful in highly challenging circumstances

Wax Poets, Oakland, CA
Design Consultant & Scenic Artist 09/2014 - 11/2014
- Design Consultant, Scenic Artist and Props Manager for Shouting Through a Window Between Worlds, 2016, and 5 Point Standing, 2014.

Artist, Philip Krohn, Oakland, CA
Studio Assistant 06/2013 - 06/2015
- Worked as a personal studio assistant to Bay Area working artist, Philip Krohn. Carried out and assisted in a variety of tasks such as video editing, installation, woodworking.

The Vagina Monologues, Mills College, Oakland, CA United States
Director & Graphic Designer 08/2011 - 02/2012
- Directed four monologues in the 2012 production of the Vagina Monologues at Mills College
- Designed, printed, and distributed all of the flyers, posters, and tickets for the production
- Designed and screen printed t-shirts for the production crew

The Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, CA United States
Intern 05/2011 - 08/2011
- Worked at a bronze casting foundry, assisting and training in all steps of the casting process
- Assisted in gallery organization, reorganization, maintenance, event preparations, etc.


Mills College Oakland, CA
B.A. in Psychology, GPA: 3.67 2010 - Present

The Oxbow School Napa, CA
GPA: 4.00 2009 - 2009

California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) Valencia, CA 2010 - 2010

Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA 2009 - 2009
Selected for 2009 Summer Intensive Study Program. Certificates of completion in Graphic Design, Textile Design, Figure Drawing and Advertising.

Sacramento Waldorf School


BA Studio Art & Psychology

Directing: Mapping the Margins: Transgender & Gender-variant Portraits Across America, For Now, 2016, The Vagina Monologues
Metalwork: Welding, Bronze Casting, Patina, Finishing
Woodworking: Table saw, Hand saws, (all saws), Router, Lathe, and all other tools standard for building, framing and carpentry.
Videography: Directing & Editing (Final Cut Pro 7 & X), Shot List and Storyboarding,
Graphic Recording
Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, my.SketchUp
Textile Design & Fiber Arts: screen printing, embroidery, crocheting, felting, dyeing, weaving, quilting, and yarn spinning
Basic Costume Design: sewing machine, serger, and basic hand-stitch needle work
Sculpture: Mixed Media, Model Making, Basic Body Casting & Mask Making, Ceramics, Styrofoam sculpting and painting, stained glass