Interval Press

We love music. We love design. We love ink on paper.

We enjoy engaging in the physical act of making as well as the mental preparation.

Ink under fingernail. Sweat on the brow. Music blaring through the studio. The crispness of paper in hand, ready to be marked and made into something new.

This is what we aspire to.

We have been laughing, drinking beer, and in general having fun for almost 5 years as Interval Press. We enjoy solving design problems for folks that appreciate that there are design problems to solve. We work hard pushing ink onto paper by hand. It all takes time, patience, trust and curiosity. If you would like to hang out, and have a design problem for us to solve then let us know. We are always happy to chat.

A more succinct list of services we provide to our partners:

We solve design problems. In the past this has included Brand Identity Systems, Posters and Invitations. We are always up for something new, but we only print solutions we have devised.