Verge Artists’ Salon

February 15th 2023

In honor of Black History Month and its additional observance, Black Futures Month, our topic will be:

The Power of Afrofuturism.

In order to connect more deeply with our current exhibition, Black Power Tarot, we will be exploring the topic of Afrofuturism. Noted musician, writer & artist King Khan was inspired to create the Black Power Tarot deck from dreams that came to him while working on the soundtrack to the documentary film, The Invaders. Khan wanted to bring Black Power to the art of tarot, and so reimagined African American archetypes in the style of the centuries-old Tarot de Marseille with the intention of giving “all power to all the people.”

The required reading for this month’s salon is:

On the Power of Afrofuturism in the 21st Century
by Tim Fielder

Discussion is Co-hosted by Michael LaHood and Jillian Bruschera.

This is a free event. Light refreshments will be provided.